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KG Test
English test on
Monday 3rd Oct. 2016
a) in, an, under
b) a, an, the
c) Opposites

Maths Sheets
Class - 11


Annual Syllabus

Class IX         Class - X


Neha Marvya (Batch - 2004) for securing the 100th Rank in Civil Services Exams- 2011

Education is to transfigure the human personality in a pattern of perfection through a synthetic process of the development of body, the enrichment of mind, the sublimation of the emotions and illumination of the spirit.

Education is a preparation for a living and life, here and hereafter.

An old Sanskrit adage states: That is “education which leads to liberation” – Liberation from ignorance which shrouds the mind, liberation from; superstition, which paralyze efforts, liberation from prejudices, which blind the vision of truth.

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Independence Day

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